Admiralty Point Waterfront Assessment & Replacement

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Client: Admiralty Point Condominium

Date: 2009 – 2010

Admiralty Point Condominium Association, an 11 acre, 166 unit development at Doctor’s Pass in Naples, Florida contracted Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc. (CEC) in 2009 for the following services:

  • assist in the above and below water inspection of 1,500 feet of concrete seawall, 24 timber dock structures, and 450 feet of scour protection;
  • perform a bathymetric survey of the pass and bay bottom;
  • prepare recommendations for an action plan to address the project needs; and
  • provide assessment of the structure’s remaining life and cost of repairs/replacement.

Subsequently, CEC provided designs, construction plans, contract documents, and bid documents for the structures that the client wished to replace. Longevity of the new structures and aesthetic appeal were key considerations of CEC during the design process. Additional services performed in support of the design and construction of the new facilities included:

  • geotechnical probing to determine the presence of rock;
  • coordinating with the Association for design details, selection of materials, and facility amenities; and
  • coordination with local, state and federal permitting agencies.

While the new facilities were under construction, CEC provided management and client coordination services to ensure proper methods were followed by the contractor and that the facilities were constructed to the client’s specifications.

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