Galveston ODMDS Sediment Testing & Analysis

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Client: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Date: 2011 – Ongoing

Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Sites (ODMDS) are managed to ensure that the placement of dredged material within these areas does not unreasonably degrade the marine environment or interfere with other beneficial uses of the ocean.

The focus of this project was to conduct a study to measure the extent of dioxin and furan contamination in the Galveston Harbor and Channel ODMDS and Placement Area #2. The primary purpose of the study was to determine if contamination has migrated down-current from these disposal sites, with a secondary purpose of collecting metals and PAH data for trend analysis at locations of interest.

CEC prepared a Quality Management Plan and a Work Plan/Quality Assurance Project Plan in accordance with EPA requirements.  The plans were designed to address the quality assurance and quality control aspects of sample collection, sample analyses, data quality objectives, and data validation.  Our partner in the area conducted surveys and transmitted the data collection to a testing lab.  Once the sediment samples were processed and analyzed, the results were returned for evaluation.  CEC oversaw the preparation of an interpretive report detailing the results, and coordinating EPA approval of the study.

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