Lee County Waterways Surveys

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Client: West Coast Inland Navigation District

Date: 2010 – Ongoing

WCIND contracted with Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc. (CEC) to provide survey, geotechnical, and engineering services for fourteen (14) waterways in Lee County as part of the Southwest Florida Regional Waterways Management System developed by WCIND and Florida Sea Grant on behalf of Lee County. CEC developed the survey layout, established survey control, and conducted pre- and post-construction bathymetric surveys. CEC reduced the survey data and prepared plan and cross section views of the existing bathymetry. Utilizing the surveyed cross sections and specified NGP channel dredge templates, CEC then computed the dredge volume in each channel. In the event the survey revealed no dredging is necessary, a channel marking plan was prepared to maximize the existing channel depths.

Geotechnical sampling of selected canals was also conducted to ascertain the sediment characteristics of the waterways. For one specific channel, CEC conducted a geotechnical forensic study to ascertain the historical dredge depth of the waterway that hadn’t been dredged in over 50 years. Taking cores within and adjacent to the waterway, CEC determined the “background” sediment horizon delineating this historical dredge cut. This data enabled permitting the channel as “maintenance” versus ”new” dredging, resulting in significant permitting cost savings for our client.

CEC is providing routine construction management and survey services for the dredging projects associated with the fourteen (14) waterways. These services include pre-construction, progress (pay), and post-construction surveys; construction stake-out; contractor meetings; pay request reviews; substantial and final completion; and project certifications.

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