Mound House Observation Pier

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Client: Town of Fort Myers Beach

Date: 2013 – Ongoing

Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc. (CEC) is assisting the Town of Fort Myers Beach in the permitting, design and construction of a community observation pier located at Mound House, a sight of historic significance in the Southwest Florida region and a focal point of the Fort Myers Beach community. A balanced approach is being utilized to provide an aesthetically pleasing structure that also avoids prohibitive construction costs.

CEC is currently preparing detailed construction plans and technical specifications for the construction of the pier. At the end of the design process, CEC will provide an opinion of probable construction cost to the Town and prepare bid documents containing all information needed by contractors to place informed and competitive bids. Then, after a bid is awarded, CEC shall evaluate opportunities with the contractor to provide cost savings and assist the client negotiate the terms and conditions of the construction contract with the contractor.

Upon construction of the pier, CEC’s professional services will include:

  • the stake out of the dock design plan;
  • site visits by experience design professionals to ensure quality of work;
  • reviewing of concrete testing results;
  • rendering recommendations concerning pay requests; and
  • issuing a Certificate of Substantial Completion, including a punch list of items to be corrected by the contractor.

Throughout all phases of the project, CEC will attend stakeholder meetings with the Town and local community, and will be in constant communication with Town staff to discuss the progress of the project.

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