Port Everglades ODMDS Expansion

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Client: US Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District

Date: 2012

The Site Management and Monitoring Plan developed for the Port Everglades Harbor Ocean Dredged Materials Disposal Site (ODMDS) placed project volume restrictions of 500,000 cubic yards until capacity modeling was completed. In 2009, the U. S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) initiated capacity modeling for the proposed deepening and widening project at Port Everglades. Preliminary results indicated that the existing ODMDS is insufficient in size to contain the footprint from this project. Based on these data the USACE determined that there is a need to enlarge the existing ODMDS and, working cooperatively with the EPA, solicited for a contractor to assist them in the development of an Environmental Assessment (EA) supporting the ODMDS expansion.

CEC was awarded the contract to prepare the EA in February 2011. The work involves conducting a literature review and compilation of available documents, conducting an initial assessment of new data relevant to the project, organizing and facilitating scoping, coordination and agency meetings, preparing the draft EA and technical appendices, coordinating review of the EA, and preparing an updated and Final Draft EA. Appendices include Coastal Zone Management Consistency and Cumulative Effects Assessment.

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